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We never know when we may be placed in a lost or stranded situation for which we have not planned, a disaster situation without electricity or an urban crisis that takes us out of our comfort zone. Many people do not consider ‘what could go wrong’ and are, therefore, unprepared both mentally and physically for such a situation. This, in turn, can leave them poorly equipped to deal with a challenge of this type. The better prepared people are, the less affected and vulnerable they will feel, helping them to react properly and make better decisions when they need to.

Whether you are a hiker, bush walker, camper, cyclist, skier, kayaker, 4WD enthusiast or anyone who works in the outdoors or ventures into remote areas, basic survival and bushcraft skills can save your life!

Our one day Survival Essentials course is designed to teach you the key survival techniques in case of emergency in both a wilderness environment or an urban one and is a great introduction into the core skills of bushcraft and our other courses.

The fundamental difference between survival and bushcraft training is that survival training is centred around an emergency situation whereas bushcraft is not.

The two skill sets are essentially the same, they each just have a different focus.

Learn how to find, filter and purify water to make it safe to drink

Bushcraft is the more encompassing parent subject that all survival training comes from with survival training concentrating on just the essential skills (physical and mental) needed to deal with a crisis or emergency situation with the primary aim of being rescued or returning to an area of safety.

The skills taught on the 1 Day Survival Essentials course will develop confidence, keep you safe and increase your overall competence level.

Even if you never find yourself in a survival situation, the knowledge and skills of bushcraft and survival training, which are also applicable in an urban environment, are fun and interesting in their own right and will enhance all your outdoor experiences and develop a deeper respect for nature.

Carefully chosen fundamental skills are taken from our more in depth 3 Day Basic Course and condensed into one full action packed day of hands on survival skills training held in the bush around our outdoor campfire classroom, beginning at 8:30am and finishing at 5:00pm.

You will learn skills gleaned from both military survival concepts and up to date civilian search and rescue concepts.

Our qualified instructors are trained in both military survival and in civilian survival, holding qualifications from some of the top survival and bushcraft schools worldwide.

 Our teaching methodology is very structured. Concepts are explained, demonstrated then you get to practise what you have been shown, culminating in a survival activity/scenario at the end of the day. There are also many timed deliverables where you will have an allocated period of time to perform given tasks. This adds an element of pressure to certain tasks to help simulate some of the stresses that could be encountered in a real situation.

The baseline skills you will be taught on this course are the most important and immediately retainable. They cover a range of concepts and techniques centred around the Priorities of Survival: shelter, fire, water, rescue, food, navigation and essential equipment.

Learn how to light and manage a fire property and leave no trace after you leave.

Course Contents

  • Priorities of Survival and the rule of 3’s: there are certain things you have to take care of and prioritise in an emergency, these are not set in stone but are dependent on the particular situation and the environment.
  • Survival psychology: emergency situations are not just physical! 60% of most survival and emergency situations are mental and dependent upon your ability to think clearly, act under pressure and maintain a positive mental attitude when the chips are down.
  • Essential Equipment and clothing: what to wear and pack in a day pack in case you have to spend an unplaned night in the bush.
  • Proper planning and home preparedness: what can you do to prepare yourself for an emergency or crisis in an urban environment.
  • Knife safety and usage
  • Shelter: heat loss/gain mechanisms, where to site your shelter and where not to, three simple and retainable knots, emergency shelter construction using man made and natural resources
  • Fire: selection and preparation of natural tinders, kindling and fuel, core fire lighting techniques including correct ferro rod use, correct safe fire management and how to ‘leave no trace’.
  • Water: how to find and source water, the five water contaminants, making water safe to drink through filtration and purification.
  • Rescue: essential safety equipment, passive and active signalling methods to attract attention, why things are seen, search patterns
  • Food: although this is the last priority in a short term survival situation, you will learn some useful plants of the local area.
  • Simple retainable navigation techniques to find direction.

Learn quick and effective methods of signalling to attract attention


No prior training or experience is necessary to attend this course, you will be taught everything from scratch you need to know. This course is great as an introduction to the fields of bushcraft and survival or as a refresher for the more experienced.


This course is run at both our NSW and NT locations and is conducted in natural surroundings from an outdoor expedition style base camp. The outdoor campfire classroom provides an enlightening immersion into nature, helping our students to re-connect with the natural world on their journey to becoming more self-reliant. The outdoor setting provides a wonderful wilderness experience.

All course locations have parking available and are ‘reasonably’ accessible via public transport.

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Catering & Food

All food for the day will be provided. If you have any allergies or intolerances you will have an opportunity to let us know upon booking. Tea, coffee, biscuits, fresh water, as well as a fruit bowl will also be provided at the base camp.

Clothing & Equipment List

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Survival and Emergency Preparedness 1 Day Gallery

Work as a team to achieve important tasks


Booking: 1 Day Survival Essentials Course

Duration: 1 Day (8:30am – 5:00pm)
Price: $210 (adult) $105 (child)
Minimum age: 12 (juniors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)
Included: one full day of instruction from “fully qualified” instructors, all food & beverages, land use fees, insurance.
Number of places: 15

Course Dates and Locations

6 June 2021, Coffs Coast NSW

Upon making your booking you will receive a link to the participant consent form, which must be filled out and returned immediately, along with other documentation about what to bring and where to go.