Water Acquisition and Purification

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In this blog we will be looking at the importance of water in an outdoor environment, water intake and dehydration, a few ways of sourcing it, the 5 water contaminants and a few different methods of purifying it to make it safe to drink. We will also look at why having a metal container as […]


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The purpose of shelter is to create a micro-climate where you can control your core body temperature. The clothing on your back and the material you surround yourself in both offer cover to protect you from the elements, both in a wilderness environment and in an urban one (your home). In this issue we will […]

Cooking pot hanging over a small campfire in bush surrounds

Combustion Device and the Importance of Fire

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In this blog we focus on the second most important item you should have as part of your essential outdoor equipment:  some form of reliable combustion device; and why fire and the ability to use it correctly is a vital wilderness skill. The Importance of Fire From the dawn of time, humankind has needed fire […]

Choosing a knife for use in the outdoors

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  In our last blog we looked at 12 essential items that you should have with you when venturing outdoors, the first five being the most important as they are the most difficult and time consuming to re-produce in nature. These were a cutting tool, combustion device, covering/shelter, metal container and cordage. In this blog […]