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Gordon Dedman

Gordon Dedman

(Full bio)

Gordon has always had a varied and widely contrasting mix of skills and interests.

Growing up in the small NSW country town of Moree he spent lots of time camping, fishing, building shelters, making fires and going for long walks in the bush, fostering an early passion for nature and bushcraft.

After finishing high school in Moree, Gordon moved to Newcastle then Sydney to attend University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Music and an Associate Diploma in Jazz Studies. He then worked in Sydney for a number of years as a professional trumpet player and music teacher.

During this time Gordon also enlisted in the Australian Army Reserve, successfully completed Commando selection and training and paraded with 1 Company 1st Commando Regiment for a number of years.

Gordon is now currently a survival instructor in NORFORCE, an army reserve Regional Force Surveillance Unit (RFSU) that conducts long range patrols and border protection operations in the wilderness areas of remote northern Australia. Norforce works closely with Aboriginal communities to provide Army with information through reconnaissance, surveillance and community engagement. The nature of Norforce activities is that patrols may be in the field unsupplied for considerable lengths of time so there is a strong emphasis placed on survival skills.

Gordon is also a Combat Survival SERE instructor (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) and regularly instructs on RAAF Combat Survival Training School Courses in North Queensland.

On location in Tasmania, Gordon is the survival / bushcraft consultant for "Alone Australia"

Over the last ten years, Gordon has travelled extensively, working overseas for Princess Cruises and Cunard Line as a musician on board their ships. This travel has enabled him to hike, camp and practise bushcraft/survival skills in many different countries such as Canada, Norway, Sweden, South America, Mexico, Caribbean, UK, Mediterranean, USA (Alaska) and the Pacific Islands.

Through this travel Gordon has had the opportunity to train at and complete numerous bushcraft survival courses and certifications at some of the leading schools in the world, such as Paul Kirtley’s Frontier Bushcraft School (UK), Ray Mears Woodlore Bushcraft School (UK), Dave Canterbury’s Pathfinder School (USA), Lofty Wiseman’s Trueways Survival School (UK), Bushlore Australia Wilderness School (QLD) and Bob Cooper’s Outback Survival School (WA).

This training has given Gordon a unique perspective and insight into the teaching styles and methods of other leading instructors and schools, which he brings to the BSA table.

In 2017 Gordon founded Bushcraft Survival Australia, a school dedicated to teaching both traditional and modern outdoor living skills through carefully designed educational courses. The school has continued to grow ever since.

Gordon is also an associate instructor at the Pathfinder School Worldwide (USA) where he has done several accredited courses and certifications.

He is both a lecturer for Princess Cruises “Scholarships at Sea” program and Cunard line’s “Insights Program” and has delivered his Bushcraft Survival lecture/workshop series on many of their ships.

Gordon also works seasonally as an outdoor guide for Territory Expeditions in Darwin, taking tour groups on camping expeditions into Kakadu and Arnhemland.

Gordon was the survival/bushcraft consultant for the National Geographic documentary “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth” (Episode 5) and he is currently the survival / bushcraft consultant for the new “Alone Australia” TV series.

Gordon’s varied training and experience, both military and civilian, coupled with his training and experience as a school teacher, ensure that he is able to deliver a varied and comprehensive course package with an emphasis on teaching rather than merely instruction, thereby giving students an enriching learning experience and introduction into the world of bushcraft.

“For me the pursuit of bushcraft brings us closer to the natural world and opens our eyes to see that we are part of the earth and not separate from it. We have so much to learn from indigenous cultures around the world who have known this connection to the land for thousands of years. Sadly we live in a superficial, materialistic world where the skills and knowledge of our indigenous cultures are being lost and swallowed up by modern society. The pursuit of bushcraft and all its different areas allows us to limit our reliance on equipment and re-connect with nature and gain knowledge of the natural world around us.”

Outdoor Education Courses & Certifications Completed

Paul Kirtley’s Frontier Bushcraft School (UK)

  • Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft Course (2022)
  • Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft Course (2018)
  • Woodcrafter Axe Skills Course (2018)

Ray Mears Woodlore Bushcraft School (UK)

  • Fundamental Bushcraft Course (2012)
  • Intermediate Bushcraft Course (2012)
  • Journeyman Advanced Course (2013)
  • Tracking Course (2012)

Dave Canterbury’s Pathfinder School (USA)

  • Basic Survival Course (2013)
  • Advanced Survival Course (2014)
  • Primitive Skills Course (2012)
  • Pathfinder Phase 1 Certification
  • Pathfinder Phase 2 Certification

Trueways Survival School (UK)

  • Basic to Advanced Survival Course (2012)

Bob Cooper Outback Survival (WA)

  • Basic Wilderness Survival Course (2010)
  • Advanced Survival Course (2014)
  • Tracking Course (2013)
  • Snake Handling Course (2010)

Bushlore Australia (QLD)

  • Basic Survival Course (2011)
  • Tracking & Observation Course (2013)

Maritime Coastal Agency Courses

  • Sea Survival Techniques (2018)
  • Survival Craft & Rescue Boat Course (2018)
  • Crisis Management & Human Behaviour Course (2018)

Kakadu Knowledge For Tour Guides (Charles Darwin University)

  • Interpret Aspects of Australian Indigenous Culture (2014)
  • Participate in Safe Workplace Practices (2014)
  • Provide Visitor Information (2014)

St John’s Ambulance Australia

  • Provide First Aid in Remote Situations (Oct 2018)

TACMED Australia

  • Remote First Aid Casualty Care Course (2022)
    Certificate Number: 12895663-8376617

Military Courses

Army Environmental Survival Supervisor Course
Army Environmental Survival Exponent Course
RAAF Initial SERE Instructor Certification Course (ISIC)
RAAF Aircrew Combat Survival SERE C Course
Army Combative Program Instructor
Army First Aid Course
RFSU Patrol 2IC Course
SUBJ 1 CPL Army (ARES) MOD 1 & 2
RFSU Combat First Aid Course
RFSU Patrol Signaller Course
RFSU LR2J Drivers Course
RFSU Regional Vehicle Operators Course
RFSU Patrol Craft (boat) Operators Course
RFSU Patrolman’s Course
Military Self Defence Instructors Course
Military Self Defence Exponents Course
Special Forces Close Quarter Fighting Course
Special Forces Roping Course
Special Forces Parachuting Course
Commando Basic Training Course
Special Forces Selection
Infantry IET Course
Recruit Course