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School Outdoor Education

Bushcraft Survival course
School Outdoor Education

Our courses are conducted entirely outdoors from an expedition style base camp in natural surroundings

Fun and challenging experience

Held outdoors in an expedition type field camp, Bushcraft Survival Australia offers fun, challenging and educational experiences for students to develop problem-solving, teamwork, self-discipline and leadership skills as well as developing their confidence and self-reliance.

Students will learn valuable life skills such as the priorities of survival, how to construct shelters and make fire, acquiring water and food and making them safe for consumption, natural navigation, rescue signalling, bush hygiene, campcraft and traditional cooking methods. Students implement knowledge from the sciences, health, physical education, design and technology.

The aim of our programs are to:

  • Create unique learning opportunities in distinctive and challenging environments
  • Encourage intellectual, physical and social development
  • Help students gain an insight into traditional traditional skills and culture
  • Provide opportunities to learn life skills, responsibilities, self-discipline and self esteem while becoming self reliant
  • Re-connect students to the natural world and our place within it, ultimately helping them to respect and look after it

Bushcraft is the practical knowledge of the natural world we carry with us in our minds and muscles. Much more than just survival, Bushcraft is a treasure trove of wisdom that enables us to feel a real kinship with the landscape and gain an insight into traditional cultures.

Bushcraft Survival Australia Outdoor Education programs are based on our Junior, Fundamental and Intermediate Courses, with the flexibility to customise and tailor content to suit your school outcomes and curriculum needs. Programs can run either as standalone courses or as part of a larger program.

Programs run between April and November (after bushfire season) and range from short workshops (suitable for all ages) to multi-day courses (Year 5 and older).

The invaluable life skills students will learn on a Bushcraft Survival Australia course will help to instil self-confidence and help them to become more self-reliant

Our course covers things such as:

  • Survival priorities and what is important
  • Essential equipment and how to use it
  • How to construct man made emergency shelters and natural shelters
  • How to find water and make it safe to drink
  • How to find food and make it safe to eat
  • Modern and traditional fire lighting methods
  • Safe and responsible fire management from start to finish
  • How to stay seen and signal for help
  • Campcraft
  • Manmade and natural cordage
  • Useful and retainable knots and hitches
  • Natural navigation using solar and celestial means
  • Safe use of cutting tools
  • Edible and useful plants
  • Traditional cooking methods
  • How to live hygienically in the bush
  • How to look after the environment and leave no trace

See mapping of some of the Year 7-9 school curriculum outcomes and competencies against our Bushcraft Survival subjects.

Our programs are held outdoors in an expedition type field camp and students will either be sleeping in the selected camping equipment they will be instructed to bring themselves (see course clothing and equipment list) or in the emergency and natural shelters which they will build themselves.


A screened trench latrine and gravity fed canvas bush shower in a secluded private spot, along with strict camp hygiene measures will give a natural wilderness expedition feel to your experience as well as teaching you essential outdoor toilet etiquette and how to leave no trace. You will be taught how to wash with limited water and stay clean in the bush. Our measures are low-impact and environmentally friendly.


Schools will be a provided with a shopping list to purchase food required for the course. Students are given opportunities to prepare and cook over a campfire using modern and traditional methods. They learn how to prepare simple meals, use a camp oven, bake bread and cook in the coals.

Lead by highly skilled, trained and experienced instructors, the teaching styles and methods available for presentation will keep your students engaged, enthusiastic and will be remembered for years to come.

Please complete an the “Expression of Interest” form to provide a few details about what you would like Bushcraft Survival Australia to provide for you.

We will then contact you to discuss pricing options and a package to suit your school’s specific needs.