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Gordon and cutting tools

Bushcraft Survival Australia

Our outdoor bushcraft survival school is dedicated to teaching genuine and authentic modern and traditional outdoor living skills through carefully designed educational courses.

Our qualified instructors are trained in both military and civilian survival and bushcraft, holding certifications from some of the top survival and bushcraft schools worldwide.

Our Courses

Bushcraft Survival Australia offers courses to suit all levels of experience, from the novice to the advanced, from those new to the bush and the outdoors to the seasoned outdoorsman.

Our courses equip you with practical outdoor self reliance skills that can be used and adapted to suit a range of different environments, and are conducted entirely in natural surroundings from an outdoor expedition style base camp.

You will learn new skills, develop self confidence and connect with nature.


Bushcraft Survival Australia founder and senior instructor Gordon Dedman, is currently the survival / bushcraft consultant for the new “Alone Australia” TV series.


Bushcraft and Survival training – More than just skills and tips for the unprepared stay

As Australians, we love the idea of getting out into the bush and being at one with nature. But venturing out can be a dangerous pastime if you don’t know what you’re doing and are not prepared.

A Beginner’s Guide to Wild Camping in Australia

“A Beginner’s Guide to Wild Camping in Australia” by Jeremy Billett featuring Gordon Dedman.

Navigation and finding your way… a critical skill

In this article we will be taking a broad look at one of the most important skills for any outdoor enthusiast, traveller, adventurer, hiker, sailor or soldier, and that is navigation and being able to find your way.

Cordage – something you should never be without

We will look at why it is so important to have with you, types of man made cordage and how to make it from natural resources if you find yourself without it.

BSA on YouTube

Gordon shares his training and experience with you on the Bushcraft Survival Australia YouTube channel. Here you will learn about bushcraft, survival skills, campcraft, tools and equipment that you’ll need in the Aussie bush.

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