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Some feedback we have received from students who have taken our bushcraft survival courses

“The course was probably the best 7 days I’ve spent in my life that I can remember. Even when it was hard at times, it was still amazing. I can’t wait to book more courses with you guys and learn everything I possibly can from you all. Thanks again for an amazing trip. “
– Brad

“An excellent introduction to bushcraft and survival. I really was naive about how much I didn’t know about the bush and what I needed to practise to become “good in the woods”. Fundamentals One combined well with the Remote First Aid course for a really comprehensive introduction to bush survival in critical situations. Looking forward to doing it all again with Fundamentals Two.”
– Brendan

“I went into the course with a mindset of being a person with restricted abilities, I left feeling that I had achieved the impossible and can take that mindset back to my work and life. I’ve traveled the world and this was the most inspiring activity I have done. The BSA course has made a deep and fundamental change to the way I see my life.”
– AJ

“Repeating Mod 1 was a great way to warm up into Mod 2. I really enjoyed making useful items from natural materials and recognising where and how to source them. Once again meeting like minded people and setting myself some small goals and achieving them was such a confidence boost.”
– Sue

“After taking this course I know I still have a lot of learning and practice ahead of me even for basic skills (like fire lighting in wet weather), but I will be a lot more prepared during any daytrips/overnight hikes in future. I reckon I’m much less likely to get into trouble now with all your solid advice, but if I do I have a very good idea of how to take care of basic needs and get help. I love that my eyes can now see resources everywhere in the bush! And I have learnt some more techniques to leave no trace that I was ever there.

– Kat