Intermediate Module 3 Bushcraft Survival Course (4 days)

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The Intermediate Module 3 Bushcraft Survival Course continues on from our Fundamental Module 2 course, further expanding  on the various different areas of Bushcraft and traditional skills.
You will extend your skill base as we continue our departure and reliance on modern equipment and delve further into the world of traditional skills and natural resources.

Like our Mod 1 and Mod  2 courses, you will be taught using a mix of relevant theory and practical bushcraft skills, all centered around our camp-fire classroom.

Learn how to construct a natural group shelter and bedding

You will learn to build and live in a natural group shelter, how to make natural bedding, continue your friction firelighting skills by learning how to make and use the hand drill, make tools and camp apparatus using natural materials, extend your natural cordage making abilities using natural plant fibres and learn to platt and make rope, cook using traditional cooking methods, learn how to make containers from natural materials and cook in them using hot rocks, learn simple traps and trap engines, increase your knowledge of local edible and medicinal plants, learn to navigate and travel using the sun and stars. 

Author Gordon Dedman using friction fire methodLearn how to make fire using the hand drill

You Will Learn

– natural group shelters using different materials

– insulated beds from natural materials

– Continuation of friction fire lighting techniques (hand drill)

– creating camp tools and apparatus from natural materials

– Fire management

– Natural cordage using plant fibres and bark

– Containers from natural materials

– Hot rock boiling and cooking

– Campcraft

– Simple traps and trap mechanisms

Preparing small game

Edible and useful plants of the local area

– Wilderness fishing techniques (depending upon venue)

Traditional cooking methods

– Travelling using natural navigation techniques

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Hot rock boiling in natural containers

Catering and Food

All meals will be provided on this course. Each evening you will be provided with ingredients and resources that you will prepare and cook as instructed, using a mix of traditional and traditional cooking methods. One meal will involve you respectfully and ethically killing and preparing small game for cooking.

Cooking in a ground oven


This course is run entirely outdoors from an expedition style base camp, and you will either be sleeping in your own camping equipment (tarps only) that you will bring (see clothing and equipment list) and in the natural shelters you will build yourselves.

Toilet & Shower Facilities

This course is conducted in an expedition style field camp with no public amenities. A screened trench latrine and a gravity fed canvas bush shower in a secluded private spot, along with strict camp hygiene measures will give a natural wilderness expedition feel to your experience while at the same time being low-impact and environmentally friendly.

Cordage, fish hooks and sewing thread made from natural resources


The 4 Day Module 3 Bushcraft Survival Course is run at our NSW (Coffs Coast) and Darwin locations and is conducted in natural surroundings from an outdoor expedition style base camp. The outdoor campfire classroom provides an enlightening immersion into nature, helping our students to re-connect with the natural world on their journey to becoming more self-reliant. The outdoor setting provides a wonderful wilderness experience.

All course locations have parking available and are ‘reasonably’ accessible via public transport.

More Information


Participants must have attended a Fundamental Module 1 Course and ideally a Module 2 Course with Bushcraft Survival Australia or have previous experience to an equivalent level (e.g. a course from another reputable school)

Clothing and Equipment

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My father in law and I just attended the 4 day intermediate course and we had the time of our lives. We were able to put into practice a lot of theoretical knowledge but also learnt way more advanced skills and techniques, it was very eye opening what is possible and how broad a subject bush-craft and survival truly are. We had a great group of people there and made some new friends The course was set in a gorgeous coastal location. Gordon was an excellent teacher very patient and was able to convey information and teach very efficiently no doubt due to his teaching and military background and his wealth of knowledge in bush craft and survival.

So happy I went will be attending another one of the BSA course next year for sure.

Charlie McDermott

Thank you so much Gordon and to Bushcraft Survival Australia for sharing the knowledge. I’ve completed both the basic and intermediate courses…so surprised at how much I’ve learned and amazing how much “the nature“ can give back to us. I can’t wait to complete the advanced course.
I suggest bushcraft survival Australia to anyone… awesome experience!!!!

Alex Pontarollo

When you do a course with Gordon, you’re getting access to a very experienced instructor who has done multiple courses with every global survival school worth mentioning. Gordon is also a current military instructor. All of this shows in his teaching. He’s quick to spot and correct mistakes in your technique or approach which may not be that obvious to you. Highly recommended.

Johan van Dyk

Booking: Intermediate Module 3 Bushcraft Survival Course (4 days) – Public Courses

Duration: 4 Days, 4 nights
Price: $690 (adult) $345 (child)
Minimum age: 12 (juniors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)
Included: 4 full days and nights of instruction from “fully qualified” instructors, all food & beverages, land use fees, insurance.
Number of places: 12
Course meeting time: 5:30pm (Day 0)
Course finish time: 5:00pm (Day 4)

Course Dates and Locations

21-25 July 2021, Darwin NT

3-7 November 2021, Coffs Coast NSW



Upon making your booking you will receive a link to the participant consent form, which must be filled out and returned immediately, along with other documentation about what to bring and where to go.

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Booking: Intermediate Module 3 Bushcraft Survival Course (4 Days) – School Courses

Duration: 4 Days, 3 nights
Price: On enquiry. Group discounts available. Two teaching staff are included at no extra cost
Minimum age: Year 7 students
Included: 4 full days and 3 nights of instruction from “fully qualified” instructors, all food & beverages, land use fees and insurance. 
Number of places: 20 students and 2 teaching staff
Course meeting time: 9.00am (Day 1) – TBC with school
Course finish time: 5:00pm (Day 4) – TBC with school