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BSA Transpiration Bag

BSA Transpiration Bag

Bushcraft Survival Australia
Transpiration Bag

There are many ways to collect water and one of the most effective and energy efficient methods of doing this when you are out in the bush is with a transpiration bag which is a large heavy duty “Clear” plastic bag (a black bag will not work because you need sunlight for photosynthesis to take place for dispersal of moisture). This large food grade heavy duty plastic Transpiration Bag by Bushcraft Survival Australia comes with instructions on how to use a transpiration bag for collecting water for consumption.

Water is an important element for survival and this large food grade clear bag known as a transpiration bag will most certainly collect the water you need for survival without you having to use much effort or energy. Lightweight, compact, reusable and easy-to-use, keep one in bug out bag or backpack.


  • Dimensions: 144.5cm x 90cm
  • Material: Food Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)