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Wild Parsnip

BSA Plant Guide

Wild Parsnip (Trachymene incisa)

Family: Araliaceae (formerly Apiaceae)

Size: Up to 50cm.

Description: Perennial erect herb with long stalk and dainty white flowers, often found growing in colony’s. Thin to thick taproot.

Habitat: Found on stony, rocky infertile soils and open sunny areas along NSW and SE QLD coastal areas, heaths and woodlands.

Foliage: Basal parsley like leaves with 3-5 deeply divided lobes that look like teeth, hence the name incisa. Tapered parsnip like taproot/tuber (10mm x 5cm), found just below the ground surface.

Flowers: Delicate white flowers in umbels to 20mm (spring-summer).

Distribution: NSW, South east QLD

Uses: Edible tap root can be eaten raw or cooked and tastes like parsnip. Bake in hot ash or coals for 5 mins.